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Love the fundamentals

Gotta love the fundamentals, because one day, they will come back to bite you in the ***. Not everyone likes to hear the word "fundamentals", so ill use building blocks instead. Moving up within your tech field, one thing I learned very quickly is you gotta remember where you started. That first entry level book, or that first entry level job starts it all. Take that time to really grasp the early concepts of how a ARP broadcast works, or maybe how a packet traverses between two different networks. These building blocks will sharpen your skills as your career progresses, & fill in the blocks as to why certain techologies work the way they do.

Time progresses, technology advances, but the building blocks remain true. Even transitioning into different tech fields, such as network administration/engineering, to lets say "Cloud", a lot of Cloud material can be easier to grasp if you take time to learn how the Cloud name came to be. It's been around for MANY years, just hiding under a different name, and a lot of it relies on the same building blocks it began on.

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