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Passing your CCNA

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Beginning any journey should first start with proper planning. Know the layout of what your committing yourself too, and then execute. Before getting into the material, make alotted time for yourself so your not always trying to fit study time in your already busy schedule. Preparating is key.

Everyone has different learning methods that work best for them, and you will want to pinpoint this early on. The world cant decide whats the best method for you, only you can.

Now that we are passed the boring stuff, lets talk about material. You have a plethora of material out there to help with your success of passing the CCNA. You have OCG's (Official Certification Guides), videos, virtual labs, physical labs, etc. But focusing on a single block of material wont be too beneficial to you. You will want to get your hands on as much material as you can to create that crisp level of knowledge you will want before attempting a certification.

Now I know material can get expensive, but investing in yourself is something you cannot go wrong with. With that said, YouTube and free software is your best friend lol. Packet Tracer is an amazing lab environment that can be restrictive at times, but for CCNA level it is perfect. Also, if your able to save up enough pennies, an OCG paired with packet tracer will get you where you want to be. From there on, everything else is bonus learning material.

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